The Wild Card

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Tight Spot

Sexy redhead Emma Evins needs to go to urgent care, stat! She’s fidgety right from the moment she enters the car, complaining of a mishap that turns out to be a toy stuck deep in her cum craving pussy. It’s driving her crazy such that she slips her shorts off and slips her fingers into her snatch to try again at getting it out. The Driver kindly offers to help Emma with her problem, and within moments he has managed to extract the toy from its tight spot. Emma is already so on edge that her landing strip mound is totally sensitized to every touch. The driver takes advantage, stripping her down and kicking off a raunchy sex session that Emma is only too happy to play in.From the moment her lips wrap around the Driver’s cock to the second she slides her snatch down onto his raging hardon, Emma is all smiles and relieved giggles. They try out every position the car has to offer until Emma has had her fill of climaxes and the Driver has spilled his sticky load all over Emma’s face until the redhead is left smiling and satisfied.

Japanese woman used by three men with toys

Three men enjoy the pleasure of their Japanese submissive. They strip her panties off and spank and finger her ass with fingers and toys. She has an anal hook placed in her as he pussy has toys inside her. Then they soap her tits and buff her with toys.

Luna Rival – Real Pleasure

Teen dream Luna Rival will rock your world as she struts her stuff in a thong, bra, and lingerie miniskirt. Stripping slowly, she takes her time revealing her full all naturals and her bare twat. Once she's nude, though, nothing will stop this hot number from using a vibrator to rock her own world.

Jessica Rex – Sweetie Pie

Perky amateur Jessica Rex will captivate you with her sweet smiles even as she is stripping out of her clothes. Shy and sweet, this delectable coed will captivate you with her wild side as she plays with her small boobs and then works her fingers up and down her slick bald slit.

Horny 21 yr old Filipina does her first hardcore sex video on Trike Patrol

As if scoring pussy in the PI wasn’t easy enough, our buddy King Baliw is back in country once again to show us just how easy it truly is. He didn’t even need to look outside his inner-circle of personal puki to land a new one for us this week. Meet Macky, a “ready-to-go” babe with nice tits and a spunky personality whom was simply a “friend of a friend” from The King’s extended Trike Patrol harem here. Hailing from Cagayan De Oro, this bawdy babe had her tits out and her ass shaking in front of the camera in no time. Even flicking her swollen ready-wet clit while she was at it. This here, gentlemen, is what we call a performer! As we know by now, KB is a man of his word and when he tells a girl he’s going to eat her ass and then fuck her, that’s exactly what he does. He was chin-deep in her vag and rectum for a hot minute before the moaning Macky grappled upon his bulging cock and started chowing down herself. And chow she did! This young lady knew how to suck a dick boy. Nice, strong smooth strokes with her hand and mouth in concert—occasionally forcing her entire throat down deeply onto that prick until she bottomed out with a strain. Really good BJ action. Next, it was time to tap that wet and slippery pussy of hers, which KB did with his usual Trike Patrol fervor and tenacity. It was evident that this girl fucks a lot, but she surely hadn’t been fucked like this lately. Next is was time for her to set the pace, and holy hell could this girl ride. I dare say one of the best cowgirl performances ever turned in by a Pinay here on Trike Patrol. She slammed herself down on that upwardly pointing pecker for so long and so hard I thought she was going to break it. Though, as we’ve come to learn by now, The King’s wood is not easily broken, and he enjoyed every moment of Macky’s ride while admiring the view from behind. She got the rear-entry okie-doke from ol’ boy as well, and we got to see those nice full titties flopping all over the place while he was at it back there. But that wasn’t where he would finish. Nope, he flipped her over and slammed her even better on her back, making those hooters almost ricochet off her chin he was fucking her so hard. When a pussy is that warm, wet and welcoming, there is only one way to show your appreciation for it and that’s by infusing it with every last ounce of spunkcasm you have! And so it was, that KB creampied this insatiable Filipina puki, had her sit up on the bed and allowed us to watch closely as the freshly fucked, gasping hole spurted his slimy seedlings all the way down and out onto the hotel bedsheets. Sorry, cleaning lady, but that’s what you get when Trike Patrol stops by!

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